Desert Mountain offers members a choice of 7 differing golf experiences.

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA: Health and wellness have long been focal points at golf communities. Now, with the effects of the pandemic front and center in our minds, to most there’s nothing more important than taking care of themselves, their families, and friends.

 There are few places as committed to creating an environment where residents and those they care about can achieve a level of wellness as Desert Mountain. The private community, with seven golf courses (including six designed by Jack Nicklaus), provides a member springboard to think holistically, not just about bodies and minds but how home and environment contribute to how they feel.

 Desert Mountain affords an environment afar from noise that has become an integral part of daily life in the 21st century. In creating homes that are both part of and protection from the modern world, builders concentrate on lighting, materials, air quality, color palettes, biophilic design (connecting architecture and nature), landscaping, and indoor-outdoor space integration.

 As part of Desert Mountain’s social calendar, a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities has been established to make you feel better about yourself and the world. From golf to yoga, hiking to horseback riding, as well as fitness classes, glamping, spa treatments, and much more, there’s an endless variety of ways to stay active and involved. For those looking for a more vigorous workout, the state-of-the-art fitness center in the Sonoran Clubhouse offers a wide-ranging list of Pilates, TRX, spin, free weights, and cardio classes to fit any workout routine.

 “It’s important to nourish the body and soul,” advised Constance McCarty, Desert Mountain’s spa director. “Our full service menu of treatments rival options found at a destination spa. One of the hottest trends and member favorites is natural detoxing. Our magnesium wellness treatment promotes detoxification and replenishes deficient magnesium levels to promote better muscle function.”

 Constance also noted that holistic healing therapies are becoming more mainstream, including reiki, chakra balancing, acupuncture, cupping, and connecting with intuitive healers. “People are looking for a sense of peace and harmony in their lives,” added McCarty. “We adapt our offerings and address what our members are seeking.”

 This fall, the spa is incorporating flower essences from Lotuswei into many of its existing therapies. “The treatment is especially helpful at relieving stress, aiding sleep, and otherwise helping one’s state of mind. Our goal, when you leave the spa, is to feel you’ve spent a day in nature,” continued McCarty. “Another popular session is Meditation 101, which helps normalize blood pressure, stress, and the immune system, while at the same time increasing one’s energy, focus, memory, and creativity. No small order indeed!”

 All of this takes place in a spectacular location above Scottsdale, on 8,000 acres of high desert glory. “Whether hiking, biking, or on horseback, the eyes are treated to unparalleled scenery while the ears thrill to the magic of near silence—barely perceptible breezes, the skittering of lizards among the cacti and brush, nothing louder than the calling of birds and the canter of your horse’s steady hooves,” detailed Damon DiOrio, CEO at Desert Mountain.

 More than 20 miles of paths are covered by the proprietary Interactive Trail Guide, a touch-screen monitor conveniently placed at the trailhead that directs hikers and riders off the beaten track and along edges of the Continental Mountains, among the desert’s mysteries, and through a river basin bursting with color.

 “After a day out and about, our 10 restaurants offer a variety of cuisine prepared by chefs committed to healthy eating and a sound lifestyle,” said a pleased DiOrio. “They work with farmers of sustainable foods, fresh meats, seafood, and produce to create menus that are well balanced and provide nourishment and culinary excitement.”

 Another Desert Mountain charm is its year-round accessibility. Sitting nearly 4,500 feet above sea level at its highest peak, yet still within the city of Scottsdale, creates up to a 10 degree variation in temperature, making a noticeable difference when outdoor activities beckon.

 “At Desert Mountain, wellness is more than a choice,” concluded DiOrio. “It’s a way of life that manifests in countless lifestyle options, activities, and amenities. Because where you live is who you are.”

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