Desert Mountain offers members a choice of 7 differing golf experiences.

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA: Soon, when life returns to normality, you may appreciate the serenity that came with social distancing. Once turning down the volume and widening hori­zons becomes a choice, not a prescription, one place to consider is Desert Mountain—where the clamor of everyday living is replaced with the sounds of nature.

At Desert Mountain, your eyes are treated to 8,000 acres of high desert while your ears remain calm in near silence. While horseback riding, there is nothing louder than the calling of birds and the canter of your horse’s steady hooves. More than 20 miles of paths are covered by the club’s proprietary Interactive Trail Guide—a touch-screen monitor waiting at the trailhead—that directs you off the beaten track and along edges of the Continental Mountains, among the desert’s mysteries, and through a river basin bursting with color

No, Not A Mirage

“We are often asked about everything within Desert Moun­tain, but one of the many surprising delights of our area is proximity to some of Arizona’s most impressive water wonderlands,” said Damon DiOrio, CEO at Desert Moun­tain Club. “Bartlett Lake is 30 minutes east, offering a play­ground for boating, fishing, and paddle boarding. Not many think of the desert as a place for wakeboarding and tubing, but we have it in abundance and our members treasure it.”

Within the city of Scottsdale and less than 10 miles from one of the country’s fastest growing urban areas of the city, Desert Mountain offers countless quiet corners and empty spaces where it’s possible to find serenity of the great outdoors. Singly exploring—or simply curled up with a good book, blissfully relaxing in your own home—is “social distancing” at its best.

Another of Desert Mountain’s advantages is year-round accessibility. Its elevation creates a noticeable 10-degree temperature variation from the valley floor that makes a difference during the summer months.

Whether by yourself or with a group—day or night, dancing shoes or hiking boots, taking part or taking five—Desert Mountain delivers.

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