On the same latitude as the Hawaiian Islands, Punta Mita offers a tropical climate, boasting more than 340 days of sunshine per year.

PUNTA MITA, MEXICO (45 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta): Punta Mita Resort is an ambitious project. The development, situated on a spear-shaped peninsula, includes 9.5 miles of Pacific coastline, multiple sandy beaches, five resident beach clubs, two Jack Nicklaus Signature golf courses, the Four Seasons and St. Regis resorts, and numerous residential neighborhoods.

“Peloton users are familiar with the equation: resistance + cadence (speed) = output,” explained Carl Emberson, director of operations at Punta Mita. “Our combination of security + service + world-class amenities = the ultimate destination.

“I’ve had the good fortune to live in 10 countries and speak four languages. Each country has unique attributes. In Argentina, it’s all about food and wine; Brazil is know for its positive attitude on life; Switzerland has abundant outdoor activities; and Australia is known for sunny weather, sports, and culture,” noted Emberson.

“Punta Mita checks all the boxes,” smiled Emberson. “Here, you have 30 restaurants offering something for everyone. Fine cuisine is so prevalent that our Punta Mita cookbook is about to go on press. Locals, for that matter, most Mexicans, have a vocation to service, so a warm smile comes naturally. Finally, our sunny skies provide a setting for wide-ranging outdoor activities from two spectacular Jack Nicklaus Signature courses to every water sport imaginable. We are so connected to the ocean that guests and homeowners have access to five on-site beach clubs.

“For more than two decades, Punta Mita has epitomized barefoot luxury,” concluded Emberson.

For more information on international memberships and real estate opportunities, please visit PuntaMita.com.

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