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Los Cabos, Mexico: When I first started traveling to the Baja Peninsula for business, typically my rental car had a manual transmission and most restaurants were cash only. Today, travelers are greeted with a modern airport terminal, 4G cell service, and a highway that takes you to the city center without encountering a single traffic light.

The Los Cabos area incorporates two distinctly different towns: Cabo San Lucas, known for its lively and colorful nightlife; and San Jose del Cabo, with its culturally rich, traditional Mexican feel. The combination of these polar opposite towns has created a setting offering something for everyone.

Querencia, situated at the beginning of the famous tourist corridor near San Jose del Cabo, is an ultra-private golf community with an exceptional Tom Fazio designed course that stair steps down toward the coast offering sweeping mountain and ocean views. Members enjoy a clubhouse village and beach club offering all expected amenities and services.

I must admit, I’m not exactly impartial when writing about Querencia. A decade ago, after pulling a couple of strings, I was fortunate to get married at its clubhouse overlooking the Sea of Cortez. The multigenerational club has an expansive footprint encompassing 1,800 acres of coastline, cliffside, and desert terrain (more than double the size of Central Park in New York City).

A look, then and now, reveals positive changes, both inside and outside the gates.

“To this day, we are one of only two true private golf communities on the Baja Peninsula,” explained Jorge Carrera, CEO/partner at Querencia. “When we opened our Tom Fazio design, golf was our primary amenity. Today, it’s one spoke in the wheel. Our transition in offerings and overall growth has been evolutionary, as we respond to subtle shifts in market tastes and demands. In recent years, our development team has invested $60 million in a broad array of member amenities, including 8.1 miles of mountain biking trails and a 15-acre great lawn [a rarity in Cabo’s sun-drenched, arid climate].”

For years, Querencia lacked a critical amenity—a beach club. “It’s a weakness no more,” said Ryan Elston, vice president of sales. “Our Querencia Beach Club offers the best surf break in all of Cabo. It can’t be replicated. Member feedback has been so positive that it may be more than doubling its footprint. Whether you are paddle boarding, long boarding, or taking a morning swim [on one of the few swimmable beaches along the coast], our expert waterman Charly is here to guide and educate your family on skills needed to master the surf.”

Where Community Becomes Culture

Last year, Querencia enhanced its social calendar with a series of intellectually-focused events featuring notable guest speakers.

“Our goal is to educate and entertain,” explained Carrera. “Speakers this past year included Mike Mulligan, head of the college preparatory Thatcher School in California; Pat McCrory, former governor of North Carolina; and Dinesh D’Souza, author, filmmaker, and political commentator. In 2020, we will complement our speaker series with an artist and scholar in-residence program that will invite noted artists and academics to stay for weeks at a time, sharing their skill set and knowledge with Querencia’s membership of more than 230 homeowners.”

Cabo’s Present And Future State Of Business

With all the rhetoric between the United States and Mexican governments, I decided to question Jorge on the state of Cabo’s economy. His answer was revealing.

“Business is stable, good, and if past trends repeat, we are about to enter a cycle of strong sales,” reported Carrera. “An uptick in Cabo real estate has a strong correlation to the opening of luxury hotels. When the successful One&Only Pamilla resort opened in 2003, two years later real estate boomed. It’s our hunch that a percentage of those luxury travelers fell in love with the area and decided to live here. With a Montage recently opening and two Four Seasons resorts under construction, we expect the cycle to repeat.”

Early indications back up Querencia’s expectations. “Querencia had its best summer of real estate sales in more than a decade and I anticipate our brand new oceanfront residences will only enhance demand,” said Elston. “The architecture will be among the finest in Cabo and they are so close to the sand, you are within earshot of your kids lounging on the beach.”

Roots In The Community

Unlike many developments located on Federal Highway One (the main road between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo), the owners of Querencia have deep roots in Mexico.

“In some ways we built Querencia backwards. Most developers sell their oceanfront parcels first, then build inland. First, we established Querencia’s core amenities and infrastructure 2.5 miles from the coast and are just releasing our waterfront real estate,” clarified Carrera. “I guess you could say with our recent investments, all the pieces are in place to welcome new members to our extended family.” 

For more information on Querencia, please visit QCabo.com.





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