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Outside Orlando, Florida: This year, Hollywood will have an impressive $12 billion in U.S. box office sales.

 “I wonder what Reunion Resort’s story would look like on the big screen?” questioned Kevin Baker, general manager. “I imagine our director’s cut would begin with four buddies, living in different parts of the country, hopping on a non-stop flight to Orlando [MCO]. With 850+ flights scheduled per day, the foursome would be able to land within minutes of one another. Since they sent their golf clubs in advance via ShipSticks, they bypass baggage claim and hop in a Uber for the 30-minute drive to our property [unbelievably, your drive only requires three left turns from the airport]. The script continues by showcasing their activities, ranging from golf to indulging in a tomahawk steak on our rooftop restaurant. Each scene would be a memorable ‘moment in time’ at Reunion.

“I have been with Reunion Resort since the development team was nothing more than a group of dreamers in the back of a pickup truck surveying the land,” continued Baker. “The original vision was to create a private world-class destination, only minutes from Disney World, offering the best golf amenities in the state. A strong membership and residential base would provide the financial resources to allow families to pass their membership from one generation to the next. In some ways, that was the basis of naming the resort ‘Reunion,’ allowing generations of families to stay connected.”

Often the best of plans have hiccups along the way.

“During the roaring economy 15 years ago, an unsustainable number of our residential units were purchased by investors. When the dance stopped, the resort took a direct hit,” explained Baker. “It’s taken years for us to get back on our feet.

“Our ownership group understands what needs to be done to maintain our brand as one of the leading golf resorts on the East Coast,” said Baker. “Improvements, big and small, are evident. Just in the golf arena, our new bunkers [on all three courses] and landscape renovations are eye-catching. In real estate, a common barometer is cost per square foot. At Reunion, we have invested the equivalent of $61 per square yard to enhance your golf experience. Best of all, we haven’t waivered from our original mission statement to remain a private resort. Unless you are a member, resident, or guest of the hotel, you don’t have access to our expansive list of amenities.”

You, Round Out The Foursome

Reunion Resort offers three different golf designs by Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, and Tom Watson.

The Nicklaus Course requires high and soft approach shots, the Palmer Course is warm and welcoming, and the Watson Course is what Noah would have experienced when he exited the ark—no water to be seen, but sand everywhere.

“Our goal was to hire the best,” recalled Baker. “I’ve been asked on occasion, ‘Why did Watson make the final cut?’ As a winner of multiple majors, he was a logical choice for our targeted demographic. Of the trio of designers, he was the most engaged. His passion and charisma was a good fit. During construction, Watson even showed up unannounced to check on his design. The guard gate attendant didn’t recognize him and before we were alerted that Watson was on property, he was gone. It was refreshing, considering most architects have a rigid contract detailing how many times they will make a personal appearance. He went out of his way to double-check that he delivered on his promise to design a stunner.

“Our golf operations are among the largest in Florida,” said a pleased Baker. “To put it in perspective, we have 50 on our golf agronomy staff, irrigate with 700 million gallons of water per year, and host 100,000 players annually. It keeps our small army of PGA professionals busy!”

The Real Reunion Resort Difference

Reunion Resort, encompassing 2,200 acres, is six miles from Walt Disney World. More than an average hotel, accommodations range from a one-bedroom villa to a 13-bedroom private mansion. Guests booking through the resort have full access to its three golf courses, a five-acre water park with a lazy river, a full-service spa, tennis court, fitness center, and six dining venues.

“On any given day, we have 2,000 guests on property,” explained Sharon Blazer, director of sales and marketing. “While some of the private condominiums and homes are managed by outside rental companies, booking with us, The Real Reunion, gives you guaranteed access to everything Reunion has to offer and 24-hour support in case an inconvenience should arise. Regardless of whether you reserve a luxury room for two or our 13-bedroom estate [with its own two lane bowling alley, golf simulator, and fitness center] you have access to room service and the luxurious amenities of a AAA Four Diamond resort.” 

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