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Silo Ridge Field Club evokes feelings of simplicity and idyllic charm.

Hudson Valley, New York (90 miles north of New York City): As president of the PGA MET Section, host of a weekly Sirius XM talk show, and member of the CBS Sports broadcast team for the Masters and PGA Championship, Brian Crowell certainly has the credentials to be director of golf and general manager at Silo Ridge Field Club, Discovery Land Company’s first private community in the Northeast.

“There are 41 PGA Sections across America,” said Crowell in his buttery smooth voice, “but the MET Section is the birthplace of the PGA of America and features dozens of the most revered private clubs and golf courses in the country.

“What lured me to join Discovery Land Company was its creativity and receptiveness to embrace a more relaxed philosophy. I’m a family guy with three children. I get it. To tell a teenage girl to find a collared shirt and appropriate length shorts is such a conflict with today’s reality. Tradition is valuable, but our industry must be open to growth.”

Crowell’s introductory meeting with Mike Meldman, founder of Discovery Land Company, provided a peek into Discovery’s culture. 

“As a new recruit, I flew down to Baker’s Bay in the Bahamas [one of 20 Discovery Land Company projects] to meet with Mike,” recalled Crowell. “I’m a big believer in first impressions so I bought a new belt, crisply pressed my pants, and shined my shoes. I was the textbook picture of a MET PGA Professional. Mike looked at me from head to toe, ordered me down to the golf shop to change into board shorts, tee shirt, and flip-flops. As a Northern golf pro whose legs haven’t seen daylight in 25 years, he also recommended a tube of sunscreen!”

Silo Ridge’s practice facility features two vintage pickup trucks: a ‘54 Chevy 70 yards from the tee and a ‘47 Chevy parked at 160 yards.

“No matter your age, trying to fire a six-iron to knock out the windshield is great fun,” smiled Crowell. “The vibe at Silo Ridge is singular to the area. In a region dedicated to tradition, we offer a lighter approach to the game and a new image for golf. I just shake my head at the current controversy swirling whether shorts should be permitted during PGA sanctioned practice rounds. Here we allow, even encourage, a more informal environment. As an example, we offer speakers that attach to your golf cart and plug into your iPhone so you can listen to your playlist.”

Coming To Silo Ridge

“The smell of sawdust is in the air,” said Eoghan O’Connell, sales associate at Silo Ridge and competitor in the 1989 Walker Cup. “The Clubhouse will serve as the central gathering place and include a movie theater, spa, and fitness center. The Family Barn will feature a game room, resort-style pool, casual dining, and a lakeside pavilion for winter ice skating. The Field House will offer diverse recreation native to the region, including golf simulator, squash courts, indoor soccer field, rock wall, and juice bar.

“Service standards will complement our amenities,” explained O’Connell. “The Outdoor Pursuits programming includes an unusual activity—antiquing. Our educated staff guides you through the fine nuances between surrounding towns for the perfect find.” 

The Midas Touch

“When you evaluate my portfolio of designs, all Discovery Land Company’s courses represent my best work. Upon hearing Discovery was planning to enter the New York market, I immediately said, ‘I’m all in.’ I knew if the Discovery team was looking at a property, it must be special. The company, along with founder Mike Meldman, has been extremely successful, develops one-of-a-kind facilities, and caters to the top of the market,” lauded Tom Fazio, golf course architect.

“I have known Mike and partners Joey Arenson and Steve Adelson for almost three decades. I haven’t met a more talented and smart group of businessmen. They commit for the long term and understand you must structure a private community, no matter how high-end, to be able to thrive in any economy. My business relationship with Mike has turned into a friendship. I consider him to be understated [he always wears tee shirts], humble yet confident, methodical, and a kind person. He entered the development world as a numbers guy with a strong marketing background and has turned into a golf junkie. Even on suspect weather days, I have seen him looking out the window pondering a quick nine.

“Some have inquired why Discovery has the ‘Midas touch.’ There is no luck involved,” stated Fazio.

“Careful planning, attention to detail, evaluating the market, and timing all play into the success equation.

“Silo Ridge is a standout and representative of the quality that goes into creating a Discovery Land Company community,” said Fazio. “The views and setting are special and, in some ways, reminds me of Ireland. While many consider The Hamptons to be high society’s gathering spot, I think Silo Ridge is going to become the new ‘playground of New York.’”

Tomorrows Are Never Guaranteed

“I learned early on in my career just how important it is to take time for family,” said Dan O’Callaghan, director of East Coast sales at Discovery Land Company. “Before joining Discovery, I worked at Golf Channel as senior producer of Golf Central. It was only my fourth or fifth show into Golf Central when the Payne Stewart in-flight tragedy occurred. I turned white as a ghost having to document second by second updates. It was taxing and horrifying. That evening, when I slumped into my couch at home, I realized how fleeting life could be.

“Discovery believes in creating experiential memories for your family,” said O’Callaghan. “Their model is proven and as a result, Discovery has more private clubs in development in America than all other developers combined!”

Rockin’ The Ridge

The Hudson Valley is known for its shooting clubs, equestrian facilities, and prep schools. “There’s a lot of deep rooted wealth in the area,” said O’Callaghan. “With only 245 front doors and 15 million residents within a reasonable commuting distance, we have no reason to create a false sense of urgency to look at Silo Ridge.”

The last depot on the Metro Line North (that originates from Grand Central Station in New York City) is only one mile from the club. “Each October, for our ‘Rockin’ the Ridge’ food and music festival, we arrange for a private train from New York,”explained O’Callaghan. “Last fall, it proved so popular with our members and guests that we are in negotiations with the MTA [Metropolitan Transit Authority] to provide regularly scheduled private service in our own rail car—something that hasn’t been offered since the early 80s.” 

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