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Southern Highlands


Las Vegas, Nevada: Southern Highlands, one of the most exclusive private clubs in the Southwest, features a Jones Sr./Jr. co-design with sweeping elevation changes, waterfalls, deep-faced bunkers, bent grass greens, and an expert caddie program.

“Our initial land plan called for two courses,” explained developer Garry Goett. “The more we talked, we didn’t want to build another desert golf course. So, using Shadow Creek as inspiration, we decided on one nationally recognized championship golf course spread across 220 acres. Other than setting aside land for the clubhouse [with unobstructed views of The Strip] and a request to have returning nines, the father/son duo had total discretion on course routing which is highly unique in master plan developments where golf courses end up on the remaining or less desirable land.”

Upping The Ante

Today, Southern Highlands is owned by a foursome of successful entrepreneurs, each offering a specific skill set.

“When people you know join together, special things happen,” said Marvin May, founder of May Trucking Company and co-owner of Southern Highlands. “I guess you would say I was in the right place at the right time. With time to kill because of a lengthy flight delay, I decided to visit the club. That day, I made an offer on a house and knew I wanted to be a part of the community’s future. The lush vegetation and mature trees jumped out at me. Instinct told me that Southern Highlands was maturing into something special.”

Dr. Peter Shin, a physician turned hospital owner and operator, is a long-time friend of Marvin’s.

“I belong to Big Horn Golf Club in Palm Desert, so it was easy to compare the best of the best in amenities,” reported Peter. “I had a keen interest investing in a golf community. When Marvin told me about Southern Highlands, I felt it was worth conducting due diligence. In short order, I discovered what a special place it was to Las Vegas and agreed to a partnership.”

Rounding out the collaboration is Joseph and Bonnie Otting. “When my husband accepted the position of Comptroller of Currency at the United States Department of the Treasury, he conveyed decision-making at Southern Highlands to me,” clarified Bonnie.

“While Southern Highlands amenities are best in class, I was even more impressed with the social calendar at the club,” said Bonnie.

A Winning Foursome

During Board meetings, each partner brings a different viewpoint to the table. “I like to think of myself as having a very keen eye to my surroundings,” said Garry. “I’ve been a developer for most of my career and have become very meticulous and observant in the grooming and operations of this golf club.”

“I’m more of an operations guy,” commented Marvin. “The results are the same. Happy customers in business or happy members at a club equal success.”

With 35 years in the banking business, Joseph and Bonnie bring strong financial acumen to major decisions.

“I think all of us would agree that your return on investment in owning one of the most prestigious private clubs in America isn’t always measured in quarterly reports,” injected Bonnie.

“I think the strongest attribute I contribute is that of a mediator,” revealed Peter. “I value looking at all sides of a debate with the goal of building consensus. It’s rare for the four of us to have a major difference of opinion, but when we do, I try to facilitate a decision that we are all happy with.”

As the 90-minute roundtable interview concluded, I asked the partners if they considered themselves gamblers. All four agreed in unison that gambling wasn’t in their DNA. They are long-term investors intent on preserving the Southern Highlands legacy for generations to come. 

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