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August 2017 Industry Report

A New Membership Category

“Stable and sustainable” is a key marketing phrase for membership directors.


Constantly offering new membership plans is a sign of weakness. Prospects and your competitors will quickly pick-up you are still searching for your niche in the market.  


Unless a new membership category is truly different, has long term benefits, and doesn’t simply provide a short-term shot of adrenaline…be cautious.


There is one new membership category this seems to be growing in popularity in non-equity clubs around South Florida. It is called the “10 Year” membership. You pay the normal initiation and dues for 10 years. At your 10 year anniversary, you can drop your membership with no penalty…or convert your full-golf membership to a social membership for a nominal fee or no fee.


The thinking? The club has a guaranteed commitment of dues for 10 years…the member has a guaranteed out…and in the typical lifecycle of a 60 year old member who just joined, the likelihood that 10 years in the future, when they are 70…a social membership will increasingly fit their lifestyle.


Added Value

During a recent interview with Tom Fazio, he said, “The private club industry has entered an era of the ‘haves’ and “have-nots.’” I agree with his thinking.


Clubs are always trying to create more value for members, without reducing dues.


Consider brainstorming on what services you can provide at no or little cost.


One creative service that members will value is providing a notary service. While state laws vary on availability, the convenience is undeniable and members will appreciate the $10 savings versus making a special trip to a UPS Store.


Another consideration…we are about to enter a “super cycle upgrade” when Apple launches the iPhone 8. Consider having your marketing company that hosts your website/social media provide a series of seminars to help set-up members’ new device(s). It provides an opportunity to load any of your content/apps on their phones.


What Type of Shopper are You?

Are you the type of consumer who enjoys visits to the mall, spending hours meandering through dozens of stores? Or, are you a strategic shopper who is on a targeted mission to visit a specific store with the goal to purchase a necessary item?


Consumers researching their next vacation/golf trip fall into both categories. I recommend evaluating your digital content to make sure you satisfy both constituents.


With video becoming increasingly important, don’t ignore that many visitors to your media are looking for a quick fact – like your architect, address, golf shop phone number, etc. Consider adding a prominently featured “About Us” tab so a visitor doesn’t have to listen to a three minute video for the information.

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