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August 2021 Industry Report

An interesting fact courtesy of the National Golf Foundation. More than three quarters (78%) of core golfers now indicate they have at least one golf-specific app on their phone, up from 56% in 2018, and 37% a decade ago. These aren’t just the young person’s domain either, with almost two-thirds of core golfers age 65-and-older using them today. 

Last week, England reopened to the world and Canada isn’t far behind. I think a good tip to include in your next newsletter is the extreme delays occurring to renew a passport for international travel. Currently, it’s an 18 week process for routine renewal and a 12 week process for an expedited renewal.

The average adult in America spent 223 minutes per day on mobile devices in 2019. It’s likely this number increased during the pandemic. I encourage you to evaluate how your club’s messaging looks on both laptop computers and cell phones on both Android and Apple infrastructure. Often, what looks perfect on one, looks off on another.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics involves 33 sports, including golf. Here are some key facts about golf at the Olympics. Men’s golf debuted at the 1900 games and featured in the 1904 program before disappearing from competition for more than a century, resurfacing at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Women’s golf was introduced in 2016 as well.