Guests were treated to a rainbow at the main lodge of The Broadmoor's Cloud Camp, Friday night, August 15, 2014, the first night for guests at the new wilderness retreat. The new property is perched on Cheyenne Mountain, 3,000 feet above The Broadmoor Hotel on the same spot as Spencer Penrose's Cheyenne Lodge of the 1920's. Photo by Mark Reis, The Gazette
June 2017 Industry Report

Spa to You

Spa services have become a major amenity at both golf resorts and private golf communities. Managed correctly, they can be a significant profit center.

One of the challenges is staffing personnel during the ebb and flow of customers.   

My best idea of the month comes from the brand new The Reef by CuisinArt in Anguilla. See:

The resort’s “Spa to You” service sends spa staff to the pool to provide on-the-spot mini services including pedicures, manicures, and foot/shoulder massages.

The program is brilliant for several reasons. First, guests/members love the informal nature of the service. No need for an appointment or “dressing the part” for a formal spa visit. Customer satisfaction is high and the service appeals to all generations.

Second, it makes good business sense. If you have a masseuse/manicurist with appointments at 11 am and 3 pm…they can fill in the down time by providing mini-treatments at the pool. Often the revenue generated from these mini-treatments can equal or exceed formal spa treatments.

Finally, it is a reminder to guests/members that spa services are available. It sparks conversation and leads to an increase in formal spa reservations.

Window of Opportunity

Two business lessons my dad taught me: (1) never burn your bridge with a client, the golf industry is a small one and (2) never discuss politics or religion, it can only lead to trouble.

So, I am going to tread lightly here.

Gains in the stock market and consumer confidence are real. Over the past 45 years as a family owned business, we have noticed the golf industry seems to react to the overall economy about a year later. If the pattern holds, 2018 should be a robust year…with one caveat.

Mid-term elections may cause some consumers to pause making big decisions. Since it is more likely than not there will be major friction between Republicans and Democrats pressing their agendas, the negativity could spill over to sales decisions.

My advice, if you have a corporation considering a meeting at your resort or clients “on the fence” about purchasing real estate, provide a small extra incentive to close the deal before the negative commercials start to flood the media.

Marketing the “Five Fs”

As the publisher of Executive Golfer, between my emails, articles, newsletters, and social media posts, I type over 2.6 million words per year.

As you can imagine, trying to come up with a fresh storyline each and every time can be a challenge.

Creating a phrase that accurately and succinctly describes your business is not an easy task.

That’s why Kukuiula’s tagline (a private club in Kauai, Hawaii – is so effective. Their saying: “Enjoy the five-Fs of Kukuiula: family, food, fitness, farm, and fun.”

I encourage you to examine your website, social media, and print headlines. Evaluate if your logo and headline is effective not only on a regular laptop computer screen, but on a much smaller cellphone screen. Often the impact can be dramatically different.


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