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June 2021 Industry Report

Over the past two months, I have “gotten back in the saddle” and started my weekly travel schedule.

It has been gratifying to see how resilient private clubs and most golf resorts have rebounded from the pandemic. Many private clubs now report waiting lists and golf resorts have been able to reduce discounts to fill rooms.

There is one troubling trend that has emerged which is bothersome. I have witnessed firsthand three instances of members berating staff. My guess is members are venting from the stress over the past year.

During a time when many properties are struggling to find and retain staff, this is counterproductive to morale.

Here are some tips from Forbes on handling angry customers:

Remain calm: Responding in a similar rude manner only will escalate hostilities.

Don’t take it personally: The customer isn’t angry at you.

Use listening skills: Listening patiently can defuse a situation.

Actively sympathize: Understanding goes a long way toward smoothing things over.

Apologize gracefully: A simple, straightforward statement is often all that’s needed.

Find a solution: Ask the customer how they think the issue should be resolved.

Take a few minutes on your own: Take your own “time out” and don’t let the stress linger inside you.

Encouraging Trends

Rounds played and equipment sales in the first quarter of 2021 are up considerably over 2020 – no surprise as just over half of golf courses were closed for a period of time last year. Rounds were up 24% YTD through March – a number that is sure to climb because April 2021 rounds will crush April 2020.

A Surprising Fact

Did you know? The total number of off-course golfers (Topgolf, ranges, simulators, etc.) has just about matched the number who play on a course. And it won’t be long before traditional, “green grass” participants are out-numbered. Very likely this year.