May 2021 Industry Report

Wine and Nine tournaments continue to grow in popularity. They are social, usually take place after a workday, and fit nicely for a time stressed member.

Did you know? One grape vine contains approximately 30-40 grape clusters. It takes approximately 1,204 grapes to make a single bottle of wine.

Marketing 101

As governments gradually remove pandemic-induced restrictions and businesses begin to reopen, there’s a sense that we might be on the verge of returning to “normal.” That is unlikely. During the months of lockdown and self-isolation, we have been, in fact, writing a new future.

This has important implications for marketers trying to build lasting relationships with customers. Granular monitoring of data and trends in consumer behavior has always been important to planning. Given the unprecedented nature of the pandemic and the profound changes it is causing, I believe that harnessing imagination may be just as critical. Marketers will need to think hard – and differently – about what the consumer in the next normal will think, feel, say, and do.

Food for Thought

I want to share a food/beverage idea that I recently discovered.

One of the challenges of providing outdoor/poolside food service in the COVID world – where almost every plate and utensil is disposable – is how to present the food in a manner that is attractive and presentable.

I recommend having all food and prep items placed in an attractive picnic basket for delivery. A numbered luggage tag on the picnic basket is tied to the food order to prevent loss.  The presentation is classy, convenient…and harkens back to a time when life was a bit simpler.

National Golf Foundation Research

Based on responses from four dozen resorts in a National Golf Foundation study, nearly 75% of properties indicated pre-bookings for the second half of the year are higher than last year, and almost 65% suggested they’re higher than other recent, non-pandemic years.

More broadly, 90% reported increases in rounds, website activity and social media engagement, while 80% reported increases in travel package inquiries.

The lone soft spot are the more lucrative large-group and corporate bookings – only 40% of resorts mentioned trends were up.
Recovery in the travel sector will be welcome news for many, but also means golfers will once again be forced to make certain tradeoffs. Whether for business or leisure, the return to flying will cut into “golf time” and personal discretionary budgets. Time will tell.