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November 2017 Industry Report

Did you know golf injects more than $21.5 billion (or almost $60 million per day) into our economy?

As the sunbelt enters season, I thought timing would be good to review the following:

(1) Conduct a clubhouse walkaround and look for smudged windows and burned out light bulbs.

(2) Check if menus are wrinkle and smudge free?

(3) Is signage straight/perpendicular to the ground (this includes your entranceway sign, parking/handicap signs, golf course directional signage)?

(4) Did you update your website with holiday hours/special events/2018 pricing?

(5) Is your guard gate smartly painted and clean? Consider a power-washing.

(6) Have you renewed your website’s domain name?

Best idea of the month

We just concluded our Executive Cup tournament for club champions at Vidanta in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It’s a name you should be familiar with. Their impact on golf in Mexico is significant. The golf shop staff wears matching pants and golf shirts each day. The vivid colored golf shirts are a stand-out, show unity, and are a nice touch.

Fun Hole-in-One Facts

– 45% of hole-in-ones are made with a Titleist

– Longest verified hole-in-one: 404 yards

– A hole-in-one is scored once every 3,500 rounds (estimated 128,000 holes-in-one out of 450 million rounds played in the U.S. this year)

– Average handicap of golfer making a hole-in-one: 14

– 9% of hole-in-ones in America are made in both California and Texas. Surprisingly, Florida lags at 3%.

Competitive and Social

If you don’t have a Horserace Shootout on your golf calendar, consider adding. My twist on the format? Have holes play no more than 120 yards. Why? This greatly minimizes the advantage of a team with two low handicap players dominating the fun competition.

Thought to Ponder

It’s estimated 9.6% of the U.S. population plays golf (defined as one round per year), 68% are married, and only 22% are female.

Instead of our industry’s governing bodies trying to grow the 9.6% overall pie of golfers…wouldn’t it be more efficient for us to concentrate on the 78% of wives who don’t play golf? There is already a build-in support mechanism.

The 19th Hole

Many private clubs are reimagining their informal dining facilities to now include a lively bar/pub. Results are strong with increased usage and revenue. Interesting to note, while 67% of golfers don't drink while they're playing, 30% of those who do believe it helps them to play better!

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