September 2018 Industry Report

The Midas Touch

If you’re not familiar with the Discovery Land Company brand, most certainly you have heard of several of its highly successful private club developments. Projects stretch over a 6,000-mile range from Kona, Hawaii, to Rio San Juan in the Dominican Republic. It’s the world’s biggest developer of extremely exclusive, private golf communities with over 5,000 members across its portfolio of 18 developments. See: www.DiscoveryLandCo.com.


I have known Mike Meldman, founder of Discovery Land Company, since his early days in the golf business developing Estancia in Scottsdale, Arizona. While few clubs have the financial resources to match a typical Discovery community’s amenities, I think the industry can learn from Mike’s insight:


“My first projects were pure play golf developments. I played golf, but wouldn’t classify myself as a golfer. My goal wasn’t to be rebellious, but I wondered why the sport had such formality and required a collared shirt to step on the first tee.”


“I want to create intimate destinations where my three boys want to spend time with me and, in turn, someday do the same with their kids.”


My conclusion: Ask yourself – will the next generation of members value our club’s amenities? If the answer in your mind isn’t an emphatic yes, trouble looms. Think evolution, not revolution. Consider a rolling 10-year plan allocating how future capital will be divided among amenities.



Golf Statistics to Prepare Your Appearance on Jeopardy

On the off chance you become a contestant on Jeopardy and one of the categories is golf, here are a couple of statistics about the game we love.


Does Canada or Europe have more golfers? It’s estimated there are about 5.7 million Canadian golfers and 4.4 million European golfers. By comparison, the U.S. has around 25 million players.


Are most golfers married? Yes, an estimated 68% are married and 67% have a college degree.


Do golfers think they play better with a beer or two in their belly? 67% of golfers don’t drink alcohol on the course.

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