Stunning Performance

CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA: The sweet scent of freshly groomed greens. The luster of an expertly honed clubhead. A firm grip that delivers the perfect swing. The clear ping of contact with the ball. Following through on a long, sure shot. Achieving your personal best—then upping the stakes again.

There’s a unique beauty to every aspect of golf. Where else in life are we afforded the opportunity to savor everything our senses deliver? And how can we ensure that beauty—in power, in strength, in design—is always at hand?

The Honma Difference

From its very beginnings, Honma has recognized, developed, and honored that beauty. Honma’s products are imagined, tested, and produced to include the very latest in technology and performance—expertly designed to turn heads, draw compliments, and help you stand out for both swing and style.

Honma Calls it Stunning Performance.

“We take a holistic approach to design and manufacturing,” said Taylor Hull, country sales director at Honma Golf. “Our engineers have the latest tools at their disposal—while our master Takumi craftsmen average 25-30 years of experience in the fine art of persimmon carving to obtain the exquisite attention to detail needed to deliver stunning performance.

“On course, on Tour, or simply displayed in your home, with just a glance there’s no question your clubs are Honma,” praised Hull.

Good Game, Good Growth

“Honma is in the challenger category of golf equipment, and it is embraced,” continued Hull. “Today’s top players are recognizing that most U.S. brands are tied more to sponsorships than to what the science says about responsive design, research, and development.”

Revered and celebrated for decades in its native Japan and among its dedicated fan base, Honma’s reach and breadth are in growth mode stateside, in Europe, and with discerning players around the globe. Over the past several years, the company has strategically introduced Honma’s commitment to Stunning Performance to a wider audience, showcasing Honma’s trademark longevity and passion in new settings.

Product Specs for All Players

Honma’s flagship products are the BERES and Tour World lines. “BERES is inclusive of four separate product lines from 2 to 5 Star based on a progressive level of head and shaft technology,” detailed Hull. “The 4- and 5-star models feature 24k gold, and platinum enhancements at a premium price, with proprietary ARMRQ shafts inclusive of metal hybrid armor, twist fleuret, and T1100G tip reinforcement that help slower-swing players get the ball up in the air as easy as possible.”

Meanwhile, Honma’s Tour World line offers premium-performance products specifically designed for high-level play. “Tour World’s forged irons are sleek, feel fantastic, and are priced competitively,” concluded Hull. “Whether you’re a gear head who craves data points or a weekend warrior working to straighten out your driver—we have what you need to help you achieve Stunning Performance.”

A key element in the company’s mission statement is to ensure players’ hard work and dedication to golf that are equal to Honma’s. For quality and craftsmanship worthy of each golfer’s best play, Honma puts the beauty of golf in their hands.

For more information, please visit HonmaGolf.com.