Honma Golf combines exceptional functionality and refined sensibility.

CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA: The United States is widely considered the epicenter of the world’s commerce and technology. But when it comes to the golf market, it owns just a sliver of the global pie. According to research by Golf Datatech, of $20 billion in sales of hard goods and golf apparel in 2022, the U.S. was responsible for only about 15 percent.

At the same time, the U.S. is the number-one ranked worldwide golf market. The time couldn’t be riper for one of Japan’s most revered golf brands to take a serious swing at expanding its reach—both stateside and across the globe.

Look + Performance

“Our company is bigger than you think,” explained Joseph Jung, Honma Golf’s northeast regional director of sales.

From its rustic start in a Yokohama, Japan workshop, for more than half a century, Honma has produced premium golf equipment that has made a mark both in form and function. Honma’s 360 craftsmen share a common goal of producing some of the world’s finest and most visually stunning clubs.

“The brand—fresh off its 65th anniversary—is one of the oldest golf manufacturers in continuous operation,” reported Jung. “Drafting off a legacy of making the finest persimmon woods and forged blades, today each product touches 100 different employees’ hands and takes months to develop. From start to finish, all Honma research, design, testing, and manufacturing are performed in-house.

“Our reach is far, with many Honma exclusive retail stores in Japan exclusively selling Honma Golf products.”

 Who’s the Fairest?

From the very beginning, Honma has recognized, developed, and honored the beauty of design. Revered and celebrated for decades in its native Japan and among its dedicated international fan base, Honma’s reach and breadth are in growth mode—particularly in the U.S. and Europe.

“As is the case with other manufacturers, our products are imagined, tested, and produced to include the latest in technology and performance,” stated Jung. “But we put special attention on design that turns heads and draws compliments.”

Honma’s flagship line products are the BERES and Tour World lines. “BERES is inclusive of four separate product lines from 2 to 5 Star, based on a progressive level of head and shaft technology. The 4- and 5-Star models feature 24-karat gold and platinum enhancements at a premium price,” detailed Jung.

“Meanwhile, Honma’s Tour World equipment is specifically engineered for the higher speed player to optimize launch, ball speed, and control spin. During demo days, our conversion from testing to sales is off the charts—the product is that good.

“More than once, I’ve had a client admit they are embarrassed they didn’t know more about our company after analyzing data from a launch monitor,” added Jung.

Supercomputer Brainpower

Generally speaking, the human brain is 30 times faster than a supercomputer. That’s one reason why Honma craftsmanship starts and ends with Honma people.

“There is no way to create visual perfection on a computer monitor. Even when titanium was all the rage in golf, and manufacturers were touting advancements through the use of CAD/CAM, our master craftsmen were still designing next-generation clubheads with ‘old-fashioned’ know-how,” said Jung. “Our engineering teams start with the view of the club at address, then incorporate technology into the club design. That’s why our look and lie are superior to our competitors.

“Honma equipment is manufactured to the highest standards in the industry,” said Jung. “For example, all Honma Vizard Shaft are ‘spined’ prior to silk screening. We are able to execute this because we design and manufacture Vizard shafts in-house. We control the entire process. If spined shafts weren’t enough, TW 757 drivers have a non-rotating hosel adjustment system that will always leave the shaft in its proper position. That is special. The attention to detail is immediate at first glance or first strike.

“It’s all part and parcel of the Honma experience for every player,” emphasized Jung. “Just like you don’t have to be Mario Andretti to enjoy the benefits of driving a luxury car, you don’t have to be Dustin Johnson to experience the benefits of Honma Golf equipment.”

For more information, please visit HonmaGolf.com.