A recreational lifestyle set amid the stunning beauty of northern New England.

QUECHEE, VERMONT: One look at a topography map and you quickly realize the scope and size of The Quechee Club. “I like to consider our community the Northeast’s outdoor playground,” said Brian Kelley, GM/COO. “We are only one of a handful of destinations across the country that pairs both golf and skiing in a controlled access setting. Younger families from dense urban areas have sought refuge in rural Vermont and we have been a beneficiary. Our demographics continue to skew younger. When I joined the club, our average age of member was 65. We are now 58!”

Side Effects of Growth

Summertime is when The Quechee Club shines and this year was no exception. “We posted record numbers across most of our amenities,” reported Kelley. “For most of the past decade, our food/beverage operations had been a stable $2 million per year business. This year we saw a 25 percent increase. While the headline number is impressive, much planning is necessary to keep par levels in equilibrium. Everything from spoons to linens requires storage, so creativity is the name of the game.”

Shovel in the ground projects during the $8 million recently announced renovation and expansion include a new rackets sports complex, family recreation camp, Lake Pinneo locker rooms, and, most importantly, staff housing.

“At first blush, you may question why a community would invest in staff accommodations,” explained Kelley. “The fact is quality labor directly effects member service standards. Everybody’s fighting over the same employees. That’s what’s causing wage inflation. If you are a seasonal hire and can’t find quality and affordable housing, you look elsewhere. I believe that once our new accommodations come online, it will offer us a competitive advantage to attract skill sets necessary to provide the service standards our residents expect and deserve.”

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