April 2023 Industry Report

According to the National Golf Foundation, the annual tally of golf course closures dropped again last year, down to 105 (as measured in 18-hole equivalents). This represents a 62% decrease from the peak of the supply correction in 2019.

Harvard Study on Happiness

An 85-year Harvard study on happiness revealed the No. 1 retirement challenge that “no one talks about.” When it comes to retirement, we often stress about financial concerns, health problems, and caregiving. But, according to the Harvard study, people who fare the best in retirement find ways to cultivate connections. One participant in the study, when asked about what he missed about being a doctor for nearly 50 years, answered: “Absolutely nothing about the work itself. I miss the people and the friendships.”

LIV Television Ratings

The first 2023 nationally televised LIV tournament (in Mexico) had a domestic linear viewership of 537,000. While over on the PGA Tour, late Sunday coverage of the Honda Classic topped out at 2.38 million eyeballs.

Harvey Penick Inspiration

An inspirational thought: “Like chess, golf is a game that is forever challenging but can never be conquered.” – Harvey Penick