December 2021 Industry Report

This is the time of year you likely evaluate your photography needs for internal (member) and external (prospect) communications. As you are well aware, it is important to show “smiling faces” in your stock photography to portray a sense of community and vitality. As the pandemic continues to wane, your challenge will be how closely do you portray people interacting with one another – particularly indoor photography. Different parts of the country have different levels of comfort. Remember, even if you are located in South Florida or South Carolina, your prospect may be a New Yorker who is still “shellshocked” by the pandemic.

Age Diversity of Board of Directors

As you know, gender and ethnic diversity is an important makeup of an effective Board of Directors to provided well-rounded opinions. One often overlooked criteria is a Board that is also generationally diverse. The wants and concerns of a 40-year-old couple differ greatly from a 70-year-old couple. If possible, try to have at least one Board member from three different generations (under 50, 50-70, 70+).

Practice Facilities

Over the past decade, most golf clubs and resorts have upgraded and expanded their practice facilities. A recent Golf Life Navigator’s study reinforces its importance. Research revealed 89% of study participants reported  a "practice facility" is the most important golf amenity and will likely decline joining a club based on its conditions.

Membership Rosters

How does your membership roster stack up: A Golf Life Navigators study conducted with 400 private clubs revealed 44% of all clubs had wait lists as of May 2021.

Staffing Shortages

Almost uniformly, all golf facilities are struggling to fill seasonal positions. Here are a couple of interesting tips from The New York Times when vetting a candidate:

Take Them On a Tour:

– Stay in the building and show the candidates around your club, and maybe introduce them to some colleagues.

– Are they asking questions about what everybody does and how things work?

– Are they curious?

– Do they treat everyone they meet with respect, and show interest in what they do?

Share a meal:

– Are they polite to everyone who is serving them?

– Do they look people in the eye (a sign of respect)?

– Are they irritated or flustered by problems?

– Can they keep a conversation going, with smart questions?

– Do they barrel through the restaurant, or let others go first?