September 2022 Industry Report

Golf Datatech reports rounds played in June were up 2.7% over the same month last year. Although year-to-date, total rounds played across America are down 5.7% compared to 2021, the slight uptick is encouraging.

Contractor Review
Retrieving golf balls that have met a watery grave on the golf course is big business. OSHA has cited Ballhawker of Florida for failing to provide adequate training to a freshman employee that resulted in his death during a “dive for balls” at the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club in Florida. It would be wise to confirm your outside contractor has proper insurance to prevent your club from being named in a lawsuit should a problem arise.

It’s All In The Numbers
A total of 518 million rounds were played last year – a number that matches the number of rounds played 21 years ago! All golf clubs are facing the impact in a dramatic increase in play and looking for ways to “open” additional tee times.

One idea to consider…Eliminate 10% of tournaments that draw the poorest registration of players. This has a potential two-fold benefit:

(1) It opens the tee sheet on days that otherwise would be closed for tournament play.
(2) It shifts players around and will increase participation in the 90% of tournaments that make the cut.

Land of Diversity
America is the land of diversity. According to the United States Census Bureau (as of last year) the estimated population in America was 331,000,000. With so many diversity initiatives in the news, I thought you might find demographics of Americans relevant. Ask yourself? Are you casting a wide enough marketing net that extends beyond affluent white couples?

Population in America in 2021:

White: 59.3%
Hispanic: 18.9%
Black: 13.6%
Asian: 6.1%
Two or more races: 2.9%
American Indian: 1.3%
Native Hawaiian: 0.3%