“Family, friends, faith, and charity all have their proper place at Belfair.” – KEN KOSAK, GM/COO

BLUFFTON, SOUTH CAROLINA: When Belfair began its talent search for a director of agronomy, the Board was willing to entertain resumes from all four points on the compass.

After attending the Ohio State International Internship Program, Matt Tacilauskas received his J-1 Visa and moved to America to begin his career. “I eat, sleep, and drink everything having to do with golf,” teased Tacilauskas. “I grew up in Southeast Australia, where we would need to take shotguns out at dusk to scare off marauding packs of kangaroos!”

In addition to the necessary talents to oversee a staff of 200 and several multi-million budgets at Belfair, Matt is a certified arborist. “It’s a skill set that fits well,” continued Tacilauskas. “Our three-mile-long Avenue of the Oaks that leads from the entranceway to the golf clubhouse is lined with hundreds of mature live oaks. The drive is so important to the Belfair brand that I pay close attention to all aspects of the trees, even down to their root structure. Science is in play to get plants what nutrients they need when they need them.

“That isn’t to say we won’t leave well enough alone. During the spring, we have a stand of trees that serves as a rookery for nesting water birds. We defer maintenance work until the hatching season has come to a close.”

Dreaded Cart Path Only Days

Belfair’s golf courses are currently undergoing a phased, multi-year installation of an XGD drainage system. “The combination of typical rain storms and our heavy soil can create pooling of water,” explained Tacilauskas. “Once we have completed the XGD system, to the tune of about $90,000 per hole, I estimate our cart path only days will decline by over 90 percent. Not only will this create a happier membership, but it’s good business sense.”

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