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COEUR D’ALENE, IDAHO: According to United Van Lines, Idaho was one of the top inbound states for moving requests last year. The findings shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering Coeur d’Alene is perennially a “Top-10” destination for those seeking quality outdoor recreation, lower-density real estate options, and a relaxed and majestic quality of life.

“It’s understandable why legislators in our nation’s capital made Idaho America’s 43rd state in our great country,” exclaimed Frank Suryan, managing member of CDA National Reserve. “The rivers and bodies of water in ‘The Gem State’ extend for more than 100,000 miles and could stretch across the United States 38 times! With 4.5 million acres of wilderness and the region’s abundance of mineral deposits, the state provides vital resources rarely found in other parts of the world. From breathtaking landscapes to curated experiences for the whole family, CDA National Reserve brings the American spirit to life.

“I’m a patriot,” continued Suryan. “I vigorously support our country, and I hold American values close to my heart. Upon each visit to our spectacular golf course, new golf clubhouse, and uniquely majestic Northern Idaho landscape, I can’t help but feel moved viewing the large American flag waving over the clubhouse from dawn to dusk every day.”

Sweet Spot for Family

Overlooking the shores of Lake Coeur d’Alene, CDA National Reserve provides a private lifestyle in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. Members enjoy a Tom Weiskopf designed mountain course, dining experiences in a 20,000+ square-foot clubhouse, a hillside sporting and hunt club, and a modern fitness and wellness center (with 25-yard pool, spa, tennis, pickleball and bocce courts). The community also offers a newly constructed private hangar at the StanCraft Jet Center. With $60 million in completed amenities, CDA National Reserve is ready to pull back the curtain this season.

“With access to thousands of acres of wilderness, my objective was to establish a different atmosphere from other private clubs in the Pacific Northwest,” projected Suryan. “I have been a member of other fine golf-centric clubs that catered to the husband and wife, not the whole family. I think we hit the sweet spot with not only a stunning golf course, but with a set of other outdoor-oriented amenities with a broad array of activities that attract families at all age levels.

“My children, now grown, not only enjoy the active and pure lifestyle and bring their children, but they also invite their friends too. For any parent, that is sweet success. Our community is sustainable, and our approach as a steward to the Reserve lands is a key differentiator from other club offerings nationally. We have exceeded our real estate sales goals and are opening new phases of development ahead of schedule. I can confidently look you in the eye and say that we are on track to be the best exclusive club and golf course in the Pacific Northwest if not in the nation.”

Experience Counts

“When you look at the combined years of experience across our management team, proficiency is measured in centuries, not decades,” beamed Matt Baine, director of real estate sales at CDA National Reserve. “After a successful 25-year run as a PGA professional, I gravitated to real estate. At the outset, the skillset required may seem like a polar opposite. But in reality, both careers focus on building relationships. Whether you are selling a package of lessons, a custom home or homesite, comfort and trust must be established.

“Our strongest selling point and value creator is intentionally limiting the membership level. This results in a no tee time policy allowing you to ‘show and go’ on the golf course. You won’t have to fret about logging onto your computer 14 days in advance for the opportunity to land a tee time or keeping your fingers crossed for a dinner reservation. It’s all about creating quality of membership over quantity of membership.”

“The greater Coeur d’Alene real estate market has matured and expanded greatly in the last ten years,” stated Baine. “However, when Frank [the managing partner] committed the resources to make CDA National Reserve a reality, several in the industry questioned the ‘build it and they will come’ philosophy. The proof is in the response we are getting from all those who come to visit and decide to purchase and join the club. We have sold 15 of our 18 residences in the past year with new custom homes in the pipeline.”

“CDA Spoke to Us”

“This is my first season at CDA National since relocating from the desert,” reported John Cochrane, CEO at CDA National Reserve.

“When my wife and I made our first visit to the club, the region in its totality ‘spoke to us.’ Coeur d’Alene’s culture offers the best of small-town life. It’s a real community attracting real people with values that make an outstanding membership and community of common purpose.”

Nature Calling

“Moose, elk, and deer are commonplace around the course, particularly at sunrise and sunset,” said Zach Bauer, director of agronomy at CDA National Reserve. “Each has very different personalities. Deer are timid, elk spook easily, and moose will hold their ground.

“We have two bald eagles regularly perched in our soaring lodgepole pines and a herd of 120 elk that roam the Reserve, which makes our golf experience truly memorable.”

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