Hawaii’s Legacy Resort

A revitalization to preserve the legacy of Mauna Kea Beach Hotel

KOHALA COAST, BIG ISLAND OF HAWAII: In Hawaii, family is deeply rooted in its culture and values. A popular Hawaiian symbol for family is the “Ohana symbol,” which represents family, unity, and togetherness. It often takes the form of a circle, with each point representing a family member and the whole symbol representing the interconnectedness of family.

This year, Mauna Kea has established a phased renovation of a $180 million transformation that will touch almost every corner of this esteemed Island of Hawaii resort. Considering multi-generational guests return year after year since the resort opened in 1965, it’s important to protect and preserve the charm and distinctive beauty of the hotel.

Thoughtfully redesigned spaces for new amenities will breathe fresh life into the resort while still honoring the original legacy and traditions that Laurance S. Rockefeller put into place more than a half-century ago.

Included in the exciting news, Mauna Kea Golf Course will undergo an extensive makeover under the direction of Robert Trent Jones Jr. It will be the first course ever to incorporate the visions of Robert Trent Jones Sr. and his sons Rees and Robert Trent Jones Jr.

Mauna Kea Resort has also teamed up with legendary sports announcer, Jim Nantz, to become an ambassador for Mauna Kea Golf.

Affectionately called the Voice of CBS Sports, Jim Nantz has covered virtually all of the network’s major sporting events, including the Super Bowl, the Masters, and the Final Four since 1985.

“I enjoy playing sports, but I am obsessed with following them. I grew up before the Internet age,” said Nantz. “On weekends, I was glued to the television, listening to the magnificent sports commentators and storytellers of the time. I was mesmerized by their cadences and phrasings and recorded their broadcasts and played them back over and over.”

This past December, Jim provided a special video message during the awards gala of the 50th Annual Mauna Kea Golf Invitational Pro-Am to a surprised and delighted audience.

“Hello friends [Jim’s famous introduction at all broadcasts], or should I say aloha friends!” smiled Nantz.

“I’m so proud to represent Mauna Kea Resort and be its ambassador for everything it represents. Wonderful renovations are on the way to the world-class destination. It’s going to be something special and even better than you remember. The resort is a true American treasure. A Hui Hou [until we meet again] from the Island of Hawaii.”

Intentional Transformation

“Our approach for this renovation is intentional,” said Shigeki Yamane, president of Prince Resorts Hawaii, owner of Mauna Kea Resort. “We have a responsibility to honor Mauna Kea Beach Hotel’s significance to the history and cultural evolution of Hawaii and, at the same time fulfill our promise to provide guests with the unforgettable vacation experience they expect.”

“We have legacy guests who return year after year and, thanks in part to those relationships, we are embarking on this ambitious project to elevate our offerings while preserving the charm and distinctive beauty that makes our hotel special,” reported Craig Anderson, vice president of operations at Mauna Kea Beach Hotel. “We look forward to creating new memories for generations to come.”

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