October 2019 Industry Report


Capitalizm in America – Streamsong Fall Classic – Sip and Savor

November 2019 Industry Report

Punta Espada blog

Worthy of An Oscar – No "Old Man Winter" – Value of a PR Firm – Feeling The Burn

December 2019 Industry Report

Haig Point New

Think Versus Feel – No Passport Required – Fun Fazio Fact – Buyer Beware

January 2020 Industry Report


Executive Cup – Reviewing Health Plans – Downton Abbey Envy – Charged up in 2020

February 2020 Industry Report


PGA Show Ideas – Where Champions Compete – Lights, Camera, Action – If Golf Is Your Life

March 2020 Industry Report


The Power of Six – Aloha Calling – Litigation Case of the Month – Women's Golf

April 2020 Industry Report


Social Distancing – Data from Past Shocks to the Economy – Advice for the Future

May 2020 Industry Report


State of Golf Industry in COVID world – Sensitive Marketing Tips – History 101

June 2020 Industry Report


Words of Wisdom – Threading the Needle – Marketing in the Covid-19 World – Operational Tip

July 2020 Industry Report


First Trip Since Pandemic – Marketing Thoughts – Health of the Industry

August 2020 Industry Report

Streamsong Red 9

Don't Take Your Eye Off The Ball – Golf in the Covid World – Caddyshack Turns 40

September 2020 Industry Report


The Golden Bear – Wages in Golf – Caution to Outside Play – Litigation in Golf

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