March 2018 Industry Report

Dataw Island WEB

Lawsuits in Golf – Golf With Your Pro in Hawaii – #1 Hotel in Orlando

April 2018 Industry Report

Bermuda scooters web

Know your Demographic – A Rebound in Golf – Burning 5,600 Calories at Bandon

May 2018 Industry Report


A Polite "No" – Seven Wonders of the Ozarks – Bullish for Golf 

June 2018 Industry Report

Mukul web2

An Experiential Generation – Perceived Value – Hint of Inflation

July 2018 Industry Report

Central Oregon web

Personalization, but at What Cost? – Research and Repeat – Pursuit for Perfection

August 2018 Industry Report

BallenIsles Country Club 7 East

History of Facebook – Transforming the North American Golf Landscape – Streamsong Resort

September 2018 Industry Report

Diamante golf web

The Midas Touch – Preparing for Your Appearance on Jeopardy

October 2018 Industry Report


Capital Improvements – Amazon Delivery – Sure Bet in Vegas – Story of Renaissance 

November 2018 Industry Report


Consummate Hospitality – Management Advice – Golf Statistics 

December 2018 Industry Report


Marriage Material – An American Icon – By the Numbers – Garden of Eden 

January 2019 Industry Report

#10b Sand Valley - Ryan Farrow 2017

Typos – Not a Stoplight in Town – A New Discovery on Every Visit – America The Proud

February 2019 Industry Report

Lake Las Vegas - South Shore Village SocMed

State of the Game – War by the Shore – Influence of Golf – Historic Hotel of America

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