December 2023 Industry Report

I hope you were able to get some much deserved R&R during the long holiday weekend. A dad joke to make you smile. Question: What do you call rain on Turkey Day? Answer: Fowl weather. Reaction: Insert groan of choice!


There should be a major update on the PGA Tour/LIV (possible) merger in the coming weeks. Stats about the PGA Tour: In 2021, the non-profit reported total revenue of $1.6 billion, most of which came from: media rights ($583 million), sponsorships ($352 million), and royalties ($240 million).

Partnership with American and Delta

I am pleased to report this week marks our 15th anniversary of our partnership with American and Delta Airlines. In addition to our print publication distribution in 2,000 private golf clubs, our magazine has been distributed in Admirals Clubs and Sky Clubs since 2008.

Pin Positions

You have likely had a member/guest approach you over the years complaining about a pin position on the course. According to the USGA: “There is no such thing as an ‘illegal’ pin. If it’s on the green, it’s legal.” However the USGA does recommend for competitions: “that hole locations be at least four paces from the edge of the putting green.”