November 2023 Industry Report

Here is an inspirational quote to make you think:  “The greatest thing about tomorrow is I will be better than I am today.” – Tiger Woods. How does Tiger’s quote relate to business sales? He encourages us to get better every day. Even if we are the Tiger Woods of sales, we can improve 1% each day. We can read a book, take a course, or enroll in a class. But over time, a little improvement every day will produce big results. Don’t look for the big gain instantly. Instead, focus on getting better one day at a time. Sales, like golf, is a process of continual improvement.

Airline Partnership

I am pleased to report this week marks our 15th anniversary of our partnership with American and Delta Airlines. In addition to our print publication distribution in 2,000 private golf clubs, our magazine has been distributed in Admirals Clubs and Sky Clubs since 2008.

Golf in Arizona

Stats on golf in Arizona: All golf operations account for 2% of the state’s water use. Visitors who play golf spend on average three times more than other tourists. About 16.6 million rounds of golf are played in Arizona each year.

Correlation Between Heat and Golf

Wondering if high outside temperatures influence rounds played? Florida had the highest average July and August temperatures in 129 years of record keeping. August rounds played were down almost 10% year over year. In Arizona, average July temperatures also reached records, contributing to an 8% dip in rounds played. The state’s average temps in August weren’t quite as severe and rounds were down about 4%.

Team Competition

According to the National Golf Foundation, about 90% of core golfers have played in a “team golf” competition – from charity scrambles, team matches with buddies, and Member-Guests. Scramble is the most popular format, having been played by 81% of respondents, followed by better ball or best ball, but more than one-third say they’ve participated in some kind of Ryder Cup style team event.