October 2023 Industry Report

A fun fact about The Ryder Cup.  Samuel Ryder, after whom the Ryder Cup is named, didn’t become an avid golfer until he was 50 years old. He earned his fortune many years before, when he originated the idea of selling garden seeds in small packages for a penny a piece – calling them “penny packets” –  in the 1890s.

Protecting our Natural Resources

According to a Golf Course Superintendents Association of America report, 21% of golf course irrigation across the country was recycled/effluent water.

A Partnership Extraordinaire

We’ve all heard the cliché of police officers and their “partnership” with a local donut store. The sheriff in Santa Barbara/Montecito, California, covers a large parcel of land. Birnam Wood Golf Club (an extremely upscale/private community in Montecito) has entered into a creative partnership with their local sheriff department. They are welcome to use the golf shop as a base of operation in times of emergency/other needs. It’s a win/win situation bonding local law enforcement to the club.

Golf’s Census Takers

Interesting info from the National Golf Foundation…Non-golfer perceptions of golf who already expressed an unfavorable viewpoint:

2013: 57% unfavorable viewpoint

2022: 37% unfavorable viewpoint

To have a 20% decrease – in a span of a decade – of those with an unfavorable view of golf is quite incredible and a catalyst to future growth.